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Founded in 2015, Farm to Fork 101 is a sustainable experience that reconnects the farmer with the consumer in a delicious way. We believe that by connecting the farmer, chef and you, we can help create a sustainable, community based food system that will promote and enhance the environmental, economic and social health of Syracuse and its surrounding areas.

With 25 years experience in the food and restaurant world, Mark Pawliw has seen plenty to know that there might be something wrong with our food system. While working in the Corporate world of food, he noticed that the art of cooking had been thrown to the side for more convenient ways of creating dishes. He realized there was much more to the food world than what the consumer sees. While debating on where to go and what to do in life, he decided to change his path and went back to Syracuse. There he fell in love with the idea of sustainable, local eating while he was a student at Syracuse University. He has begun to create a community of local farmers, chefs, restaurants and drink purveryors with Central New York, and Syracuse specifically in mind. We live in an area with loads of opportunity for sourcing meals, his goal is be a liaison to help bring these resources to the consumers in suburban and urban regions in a tangible, and meaningful way.

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