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Community and Connection

As we all navigate this time in our lives and are unsure of what our futures will hold, I would like to be able to show some signs of joy and positive thoughts. I hope that these photos and words brighten your day and help you remember the power of community and more importantly connection through food.

As always, we enjoy the power of community and connection and now more than ever we see the importance of our farming community as well as our chef and restaurant community.

Throughout this time, we want to keep that connection with our food and our farmers. As I reach out to more and more farmers and chefs, I realize that we will all get through this by supporting each other. For us here at Farm to Fork 101, we value the support of everyone and encourage you to continue supporting those farmers and restaurants in any way possible.

For those unsure how to support locally, here are some ideas and thoughts to help you support locally while distancing socially.

1. Order Curbside or delivery from your favorite restaurant.

2. Reach out to your local farmer and find out how they are distributing their food. Some farms are working with restaurants to offer delicious, locally sourced food.

3. Some farms are offering delivery options from their website.

4. Other farms are offering curbside pickup at locations outside of their farms.

5. Virtual Dinner Parties with Chefs and Guests.

Feel free to reach out via email ( to inquire more about how these farms are dealing with everything or how you can find out more about what is going on in the farming and chef world and how to connect even more.

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